An original and exciting series that shows the intimacy, like never before, of a national soccer team on its epic path to the World Cup. The classification, preparation, debut and participation in the most important event in world football. What goes through the heads of the players and the coaching staff? The intimacy of the … Read more


Why is one of the best film directors of all time, a New Yorker and a basketball lover, a fan of an Argentine soccer club? Why are British musicians like Rod Stewart and the Gallagher brothers or Puerto Ricans like Daddy Yankee and Ricky Martin passionate about the colors blue and gold? Matt Damon, Nicky … Read more


The Method is a documentary series about leadership based on interviews with the most important personalities in the world. Political leaders, Hollywood artists, scientists, elite athletes and the most powerful men on the planet star in each chapter under the magnifying glass of the most relevant investigative journalist in Argentina, and one of the most … Read more


The Messianic Prophecies, written thousands of years ago, have been fulfilled throughout history, with surprising precision. Some predict that a golden age is coming for humanity, but others speak of the coming of an Apocalypse, very soon. What will our destiny be?


In a small town in Argentine Patagonia, deep in the forest, there is a clearing which the ancient Mapuche call “The dead trees.” A place that only opens to certain souls doomed with tragedy, whose dark energy will drag them into madness, changing their lives forever.

SUFRIR O SANAR, Los Consejos de un Rabino Ortodoxo Poco Ortodoxo

Is there an infallible method to deal with anxiety and panic attacks? Is there a formula for happiness? Rabbi Benayon opens the doors of his life to discover what his secret is. From Panama City to New York, all the way to Jerusalem, the Rabbi helps diverse people overcome their problems and find happiness.


Mysteriously, the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador, was the place where the greatest tragedy took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is inexplicable that while cities like Mexico DF, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires or Lima still had few cases, in Guayaquil the corpses were piling up in containers, and families had to leave their loved ones … Read more


María and Javi are two life-long friends. Even though they have drifted apart over the course of the last year, when María suffers an accident that leaves her on the brink of death, they reunite and discover that they have always been in love. Now Javi has to decide whether he continues with his new … Read more